Hockey Sticks

Hockey is a game of passion and we aim to make your sporting journey an exciting one as you line up for the perfect shot.

There are several factors you should consider before you select the perfect hockey stick. Everything from the weight, height and length of the stick to its design, durability and price range are criteria you must consider if you’re in the market for a new hockey stick. While you have a choice of styles and variants to pick from, the ultimate goal of owning a hockey stick it to play an extraordinary game. What’s most important while purchasing a hockey stick, is to make sure that it meets your needs and suits your style.

Choose from a wide range of high performance hockey sticks, and play your best game.

As the sport has evolved over the years and the game has seen a shift to sand and water based pitches, innovation in the equipment has kept up with these advancements. There has been a move to materials such as fiberglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar to make composite hockey sticks. Look for the hockey stick with a flex profile that suits your skill set. The flex profile of a hockey stick is beneficial for different shooting techniques and various styles of play.
Durability, comfort, and responsiveness combined with swiftness is what every hockey player seeks. Hockey sticks that are light, especially on the end, enable a player to quickly change the stick’s direction.

Here are some of the hockey sticks we offer at Pro Hockey Direct:

Aratac Hockey Sticks

The Aratac LBT Range is specifically crafted for hockey players who are masters at the game. Balance is key to play a great game and with hockey sticks crafted to give you the perfect balance point, Aratac is a master of the craft. In addition to LBT, there is another fantastic range of NRT hockey sticks 2019, which combine style, durability, balance and enable close control.


Adidas Hockey Sticks

If you are looking for a variety of options, then Adidas’ stunning range will not disappoint you. The Adidas hockey sticks 2019/20 collection offers the spectacular Carbonbraid Hockey Stick, which sports a 100% carbon profile. It was launched with other sub-ranges, which include Adidas DF24, Adidas TX24 and Adidas AX24 that are admired and recommended by some of the best hockey players.


Grays Hockey Sticks

Grays Hockey Sticks is a brand that encompasses the wholesome spirit of the sport of Hockey. With their fabulous 2019/20 range, the label has introduced hockey sticks with cutting edge technology, and a wide range of blade profiles, including Probow, Jumbow, Dynabow, Midbow and Ultrabow. Grays Kinetic hockey sticks, along with the new signature Grays KN10, deliver exceptional performance. The Grays GX range also offers unbeatable durability and helps you strike the perfect balance while playing a power packed game.


Kookaburra Hockey Sticks

The name Kookaburra speaks volumes when it comes to their vivid range of hockey sticks – They have both pro-quality hockey sticks and affordable hockey sticks to choose from. Be it goalkeeping hockey sticks, wooden hockey sticks or indoor hockey sticks, choose from their extensive collection including the I Bow Kookaburra, M Bow and L Bow series.


Gryphon Hockey Sticks

Fall in love with the brilliant range of Gryphon hockey sticks 2019, which offers a unique series of Gryphon Taboo, Chrome and Essential collections that are the perfect match for all skill levels and playing styles. There’s a Gryphon hockey stick for everyone, be it junior hockey sticks, composite hockey sticks, indoor hockey sticks, wooden hockey sticks or goalkeeping hockey sticks.


TK Hockey Sticks

TK Hockey Sticks is a favourite with anybody on the lookout for superior quality at affordable process. Their latest collection includes Total One, Total Two and Total Three hockey sticks, goalkeeping hockey sticks, junior hockey sticks and much more. With the help of advanced technology to double up overall power, performance and feel, their new range also offers classy designs. The all new total three range makes use of a new technology which comprise of carefully designed hockey sticks to help you take your game to the next level.


Dita Hockey Sticks

Holland’s most loved hockey stick brand, Dita Hockey, offers an impressive range of sticks that are famed to be ‘One step ahead’. Their cutting edge technology provides extra power to the players. They offer pro-quality hockey sticks, which keep your game supercharged. Choose from their Exa, Terra, Nova, Giga, Mega, Indoor and Dita junior hockey stick collections to find your perfect match.


Mercian Hockey Sticks

If you are looking to develop your hockey playing skills, especially in ball control and shot accuracy, then the Mercian hockey sticks are your best bet. Choose from a wide range of bold and stylish designs and make your presence felt on match day. The brand offers an extensive range of sticks including their Evolution-Series, Genesis-Series, Origin series, and goalkeeping hockey sticks.