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100% Carbon – Elite players will want to get their hands on the Carbon Tec Pro UL C100 X-Box, this stick is designed to give you the edge on those all-important penalty corners with its lower shaft XB-curve being purpose built for power. Its U-light- weight will also have you feeling agile in all scenarios on the field and the maximum 25mm bow will aid you in propelling the ball when attacking. The Black and Red aesthetics on the stick are incomparable and you’re sure to get the attention of opposition players, as well as your own team-mates when dribbling, passing and shooting with the X-Bow. DITA are a trusted brand in the Hockey world with many Premier League & International stars using their products, having been established in 1891 it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about manufacturing top quality Hockey sticks. So make sure you stay one step ahead with the CarbonTec Pro UL C100 X-Bow, now available in sizes 36.5” & 37.5”.