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Dita CarboTec Blue Carbon C80 M-Bow Hockey Stick

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* Perfect your game with elite performance and power from premium materials combined with cutting edge technology.
* Finished in aerospace grade ‘Blue Carbon’.
* Ultra-high quality Japanese carbon layers finished with a final layer of Blue Carbon wrapped at optimised angles to give the perfect feel and ultimate power.
* We also use a plant-based Bio Resin infusion for superior performance and low environmental impact.
* 80% Carbon construction to give supreme power whilst retaining perfect feel for an exceptional first touch.
* The 23mm bow makes it perfect for the playmaker who wants to increase his all-round performance.
* Lighter, Better, Faster. Stay one step ahead.
* Material: 80% carbon, 15% Fibreglass, 5% Kevlar
* Grip: Dita ProTec Soft grip
* Bow Profile: 23mm
* Head shape: J – shape with textured grip finish
* Weight: Light
* Available in 36.5 & 37.5 lengths




36.5, 37.5″

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